ProSolution PLus Review

A Natural Remedy For Premature Ejaculation

How long can you last? No, I'm not referring to your erection. 

A common issue among men that is less discussed… premature ejaculation. 

This is a sexual problem that can really take a toll on sex. Not only will it affect you, but also your partner. If you ejaculate too quickly, it means you'll be leaving your partner dry – or they'll have to finish themselves off. 

Now that's a disappointment! 

ProSolution Plus is a clinically proven dietary supplement that promises to help you last longer. Let's dive into this supplement and see what it's made of. 


What Is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is different that the regular ED and sexual enhancement supplements on the market. 

When looking at male enhancement supplements, you'll find that most of these focuses on helping you get hard faster. Yes, this is one goal that you get with ProSolution Plus, but it's not the primary function of this product. 

Instead, ProSolution Plus focuses mainly on helping you last longer. In particular, this supplement was developed to help delay ejaculations in men. 

ProSolution plus is a natural supplement, sometimes also referred to as a herbal supplement. It comes in the form of a pill. You simply take the pill with a glass of water and go on with your regular daily routine. 

No pharmaceuticals are used in the development of ProSolution Plus. You don't need a prescription to use the supplement. 

There are a few things that set ProSolution Plus apart from other supplements on the market. 

First, as you've noticed in my ProSolution Plus review thus far, the supplement focuses on premature ejaculation. This is quite a rare find among herbal supplements. Most focuses only on helping you get up or get harder. This means ProSolution Plus addresses a common, yet underdiscussed sexual problem in men. 

How Does ProSolution Plus Work?

As with any natural product (and even with a pharmaceutical drug), understand what you're putting into your body and how it works – that should be a priority. With this in mind, we should take a closer look at how the ProSolution Plus formula works. 

One thing that I am super impressed with is the fact that the supplement is a scientifically proven option. It's very rare to see a supplement back up its own claims with so many studies. This is already impressive. 

The second thing is that a very much overlooked problem is addressed by ProSolution Plus – premature ejaculation. This problem can be just as worrisome as erectile dysfunction – yet most men just worry about getting it hard. If you can't last long, then you'll leave yourself and your partner feeling.. well, unsatisfied. 

When I look at the efficacy of a product, such as with this ProSolution Plus review, I like to turn my focus to the ingredients of the supplement. There's really no better place to start. If you look at the ingredients, you can realize what to expect. 

With this said, I'd like to provide a quick overview of the ingredients in ProSolution Plus below. I'll also share some details what how each ingredient may help, along with links to the appropriate studies. 

Tribulus Terrestris

A herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time. Tribulus Terrestris has often studied for its effects on physical performance. According to some studies, this herb may be helpful for men with sexual problems too. 

One study shows that intracavernous pressure is increased when tribulus terrestris is used. This is because the herb causes the corpora cavernosum to relax. You'll have more blood push into your penis. That means your erection could be better than before. Plus, tribulus terrestris also holds aphrodisiac properties – that means it'll put you in just the right mood!

Withania Somnifera

This is another plant-based extract that may hold some male “enhancement” properties. A few studies have been done on this plant extract. 

In one study, researchers show an increase in nitric oxide. This is a gas that circulates in your blood. It helps the blood vessels in your body relax. The gas also plays a role in blood vessels found in your corpora cavernosum – that's the main two chambers of the male penis. 

When these blood vessels relax, they become wider. The wider the blood vessels, the more blood goes into them. Blood is what makes your penis swell, resulting in an erection. 

Thus, it becomes obvious how this ingredient could get you harder – or at least hard faster.

Mucuna Pruriens

If you want a better time in the bedroom, avoid only focusing on your erections.

Sure, it's important to get hard. Then it's important to stay hard. But, you don't want your partner to be the only one feeling real pleasure. Focus on your satisfaction too!

Mucuna Pruriens contains an ingredient that is known as L-DOPA. The plant is classified as a tropical legume. 

L-DOPA is a precursor to a chemical in the body known as dopamine. 

You might have heard the term “dopamine” before. It's a neurotransmitter. The chemical that makes you feel so good when you ejaculate. The same chemical makes you feel great after achieving something. 

Unfortunately, if your levels of dopamine are too low, you may not feel much pleasure when you have sex. 

Studies show that the L-DOPA in Mucuna Pruriens may help to elevate dopamine levels. This, in turn, could boost your sexual desire too. You'll feel more pleasure with every move you make. 

One study show an increase in sexual activity when men are given a supplement with L-DOPA.  

Asparagus Adscendens

This ingredient is not directly related to your premature ejaculation or ED. Instead, it works indirectly – but still plays a helpful part.

When you are stressed, you have a higher chance of struggle with your erections. Men with anxiety may sometimes ejaculate too soon. 

These are two problems that Asparagus Adscendens could help with. 

You see, in scientific studies, researchers show that chemicals in this plant inhibit proinflammatory cytokines. These are chemicals in your body that causes inflammation. 

Additionally, Asparagus Adscendens also reduces stress. You may feel a bit more relaxed – which might be just what you need to last longer and get harder. 


This ingredient is also called Shilajit. It's classified as a mineral wax. The waxy substance contains medicinal properties. Asphaltum is often used in Ayurveda medicinal practices. 

The antioxidant activities of the plant helps to stimulate cytokine release. These cytokines are activated by specific cells – immunologic cells. 

The antioxidants protects your body against free radicals. This means it helps to protect against heart disease too, as well as other conditions. 

Apart from these effects, there is evidence that Asphaltum may help men with premature ejaculation. 

Asteracantha Longifolia

Is your sexual desire down? Maybe your partner doesn't turn you on as much anymore. You blame yourself. You know your partner still looks great. You still feel the same way about them. Yet, that attraction just isn't there. 

Asteracantha Longifolia contains ingredients that stimulates sexual desire. Once your sexual desire is stimulated, you'll find that attraction again, and really feel the “spark”. 

There are more to the Asteracantha Longifolia plant, though. Studies show it may also help to increase the production of sperm. With this in mind, you may have orgasms that are intensified. Your semen volume could be increased. You might also be able to ejaculate more frequently than before. 

Curculigo Orchioides

One more ingredient to cover – and that's Curculigo Orchioides. This is a flower plant. Pars of the plant are used due to specific chemicals found inside. 

These chemicals may help with sexual desire. If you take the supplement, you may find that you have a higher libido. That means you'll be in the mood more often. When you get into the mood, it'll be more intense too 😉

In one study, men had less hesitation about initiating sexual activities with a partner when they were provided a supplement with Curculigo orchioides extract. 

How Do You Take ProSolution Plus?

It's really easy to take ProSolution Plus. One benefit this supplement has over pharmaceuticals – such as the generic Sildenafil offered by HUGE, is the fact that you don't need to time your doses. 

You simply take the dietary supplement as instructed on the label. 

Each bottle comes with 60 tablets. You're instructed to take two of the tablets each day. You can take them with your breakfast in the morning. 

Do note that this supplement does not work in just a few minutes like ED drugs. It takes a while for the ingredients in the ProSolution Plus supplement to really start working. 

How Long Does ProSolution Plus Take To Work?

When you have problems in the bedroom, you'll likely be looking for some quick remedy. If this is the case, then a natural supplement might not be exactly what you need. 

In this ProSolution Plus review, we've established that the ingredients used have gone through scientific research. The supplement may actually work really well. It won't, however, get you harder overnight. 

For a natural problem like ProSolution Plus, you need to be a little more patient. It generally takes a few weeks for the ingredients to circulate and do their thing. In most cases, men find that they can feel a difference in three to four weeks. 

Every man is different, so results tend to vary. One guy may find that it starts to work in just two weeks. For another guy, it could take over a month before they really feel something. 

What Are The Side-Effects Of ProSolution Plus?

Men often think that turning to a natural “Viagra” means there is no more need to worry about side-effects. That's not true – it's a myth that could put your life in danger if you continue to believe it!

It's always important to do research about ingredients found in supplements. That includes ProSolution Plus, of course. 

If you've taken a look at my ExtenZe review, you would notice a notification about an FDA warning. This supplement contained an unlisted ingredient known as Sildenafil. That's the chemical that makes Viagra work! It can be dangerous to take a supplement with Sildenafil, especially if you are using prescription meds to manage certain conditions. 

Thus, do your research well. Don't limit your research to the official manufacturer's website. Look at third-party websites, journal entries, and reports submitted by the FDA too. 

The good news about ProSolution Plus is that no such reports have surfaced regarding this supplement. 

The manufacturer behind ProSolution Plus is transparent. They provide a full overview of the ingredient you'd be putting in your body if you buy the product. That's reassuring! 

Looking at the ingredients, as well as studied done on the ProSolution Plus formula, the product do seem to be a safe option. 

There are a few minor side-effects that may occur. This may include an upset stomach, for example. Most men will recover quickly from such side-effects. 

If, however, you do experience more serious adverse events – stop using ProSolution Plus. This is an important step to take with any type of supplement. Immediately contact your doctor and advise them on the side-effects. They will be able to tell you what the appropriate course of action would be. 

What If ProSolution Plus Doesn't Work For Me?

I've said it before in this ProSolution Plus review – every man is different. While we're wired similarly, our bodies tend to respond to certain things in unique ways. 

ProSolution Plus is one of the few herbal supplements that have gone through clinical trials. Researchers have proven this to be an effective option for premature ejaculation, as well as erectile function. Most men experienced improvements – but not all. 

Thus, while it works for one man, there's not 100% guarantee that it's going to be that perfect solution for you. 

Luckily, you won't be left empty handed if you find that the ProSolution Plus supplement doesn't work for you. 

The manufacturer gives you over two months to try the supplement and see if it works. If you don't last longer and your erections are better in this time, then you can just ask for a refund.