Phalogenics Review

A Digital Penis Enlargement Program

As a man, you're probably constantly faced with questions about your own sex life. Most of the time, these questions come from you – and not your partner. Still, you want to feel “manly” and you want to know that you're able to perform like a real man…

While some men are struggling to get an erection, you may be concerned with your size. 

Most men won't straight up ask their partner if their penis is big enough. Yet, this question may continuously linger in their mind, according to one medical publication

The average penis size is not as big as social media, porn websites, and even movies make us believe. This, however, does not mean you need to settle. There are ways to increase your size – and surgery doesn't need to be one of them!

What Is Phalogenics?

What's the average size of the male penis? 

A lot of men think that having an erection that's shorter than 10 inches won't do them much good. 

Yet, the average size is much smaller than what society makes men believe. 

According to ScienceMag, 5.16 inches is the average size for an erect penis. That's about half of what men have come to believe, or rather expect of themselves. 

The thing is, you don't need a huge erection to really satisfy your partner. There's more than just size that counts – including the position, your technique, and the level of intimacy. 

Still, we shouldn't use this as an excuse. One study found that women do prefer erections that are slightly bigger than what is considered “average”. Even among same-sex couples, there remains a preference for a slightly bigger erection. 

Some men have opted for invasive, sometimes highly risky behaviors in order to get a bigger erection. Unfortunately, this has led to reports of permanent damage dealt to penile tissue. Injury to your penis – that's something you want to avoid at all costs. 

Now, this is where Phalogenics come into the picture. 

Phalogenics was developed to give you an opportunity to experience an increase in size. While the program helps you get bigger down there, it won't expose you to such harmful techniques. 

It's a completely natural program that you can get access to immediately. Phalogenics is not about pushing more herbs, chemicals, or other elements into your body. Instead, it's a program that teaches you a few simple exercises. These exercises helps to create an increase in penis growth. This means the results are permanent – so no need to take a supplement for the rest of your life if you're looking to keep the benefits. 

Is Phalogenics Safe?

When it comes to a program like Phalogenics, the first thing you should be asking is whether it's safe or not. 

You only have one penis, after all. If you try out risky things to make it grow, you could end up damaging your penis. There have been several reports of permanent injury dealt to penile tissue. 

The good thing about Phalogenics is that the entire program is based on scientific research. The develops of the program considered the physiology of the male penis. This means they looked at the structure of the penis, considered how it is constructed, and then developed a program that works to complement the structure. 

Phalogenics is essentially based on specific exercises. These exercises are easy to follow and, according to the developer of the program, shouldn't take you more than about 15 seconds to complete. 

If you follow along with the instructions, the program should be safe. It is, however, important not to overdo it. 

When it comes to safety – the program can be safe, but it could also hold dangers. 

Men who consider the instructions, and then push it too far – these are the men who will face the risk of damaging their penis. 

Thus, to ensure the program is safe, consider the intensity of the exercises demonstrated to you, and make sure you follow along at the same intensity level. 

Furthermore, knowing when to quit is important. If you feel like the program is making your penis hurt, then stop following it. If there are problems that develop, consult a doctor if needed. You might simply need to scale it down a bit in some cases. 

What Are The Benefits Of Phalogenics?

To give you an idea of why you might want to take a look at this program, I'm going to share a few benefits in my Phalogenics review. These are the general benefits you should consider, although the specific effects may differ from one guy to the next. 

  • There's no waiting for a shipment of supplements. For me, this is the major benefit. Opting for a dietary supplement often means having to wait over a week for the supplement to arrive. With Phalogenics, everything is based on an online program. This means once you've paid, you can start following the program.
  • Everything is explained to you in detail. This is another thing I like about the Phalogenics program. There are a few programs out there that can be vague on certain topics. You want to know why you're following every step in this program – and with Phaogenics, you'll notice that everything is covered in-depth. 
  • There's no age restriction on Phalogenics (although, you should at least be 18 before you consider using this type of program, of course!). Whether you're a 26-year-old guy who wants a bigger erection, or already over 40, the program could work for you. 
  • Detailed videos are included in the Phalogenics program. These videos give you thorough demonstrations of how the techniques should be done. This makes it easier to follow and ensures there is no confusion. 
  • Another benefit is the fact that there's no monthly subscription fee. No need to worry about having to buy a new bottle of pills every months. There's also no autoship requirements. You pay once and gain full access to the entire program, with no recurring fees after that. 

Side Effects And Drawbacks

Now matter how many men have experienced the benefit of the Phalogenics program, there's always a chance it won't work for you. While we're wired similarly, every man is still different. A penis enlargement program that works for you may not work for another guy. 

Thus, consider the fact that the program has potential, but might not be that ultimate solution you're looking for. Still, it might be worth a try if you're going to put effort into following along with the procedures. 

Other drawbacks that you should consider before buying Phalogenics:

  • Going even just a bit overboard with the exercises could leave your penis feeling sore. This may interfere with your sexual function. In extreme and rare cases, you could even end up damaging tissue inside your penis. 
  • The program will only work on size. If you're experiencing problems like ED, Phalogenics might not work for you at all. It would be a better idea to consider an option like HUGE if you're from the USA. For a more natural option, give VigRX or ExtenZe a go.
  • Even though there is only a single, once-off price, it's still a bit high. You'll find that there are a few alternatives out there with a lower price point. Still, do consider the in-depth instructions provided in the video series. Some men find that the videos make up for the price. 

How To Buy & Get Access

You're here because you want to get a bigger penis. That's why you've shown an interest in Phalogenics. 

First, note that this is an online program. This is one of my favorite benefits that come with the Phalogenics system. You buy it and you use it immediately. You also don't have to worry about shipping restrictions. Live in the US, great – you're eligible to buy Phalogenics. Live somewhere else? You're still able to buy it. 

Gaining access to the Phalogenics system is actually quite easy. Simply click here to visit the official Phalogenics website

The website contains useful information about the system. You'll be able to read about the science behind the technique too. Take a look around to get a better idea of what you should expect. Once ready, hit that “Add To Cart” button. 

The checkout process is really simple. You simply need to provide a few personal details, such as your name and email address. Make sure you enter your email address correctly. An email will be sent to you, providing you access to the system. 

Once everything checks out, select your preferred payment method and complete the once-off payment. 

You'll be provided with information on how to sign into your account and access the content that is part of the Phalogenics system as soon as your payment is confirmed.