Extenze Review

Powerful Erections In A Natural Pill - But Does It Work?

ED might be common, but it's not the only issue that men face. There's a bunch of other sexual problems that you can come face-to-face with once you enter the bedroom.

ExtenZe is a natural supplement that claims to help you with more than just your erections. It's a complete male enhancement supplement. According to the manufacturer, you can expect bigger and harder erections, plus you'll be able to last longer. 

The supplement does not use Sildenafil or anything like that. It's an all-natural formula. If you're looking to buy Sildenafil or Tadalafil online through a digital consultation, you can take advantage of the $1 trial HUGE is currently offering. See the HUGE review for more information.

On this page, you'll discover what ExtenZe is, we look at the ingredients, and see if scientific studies can back up the claims made by the dietary supplement.

What Is ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is a dietary supplement. The supplement is promoted as a natural product and an alternative to conventional treatments for erectile dysfunction. According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients found in ExtenZe are extracted from natural sources. 

The supplement comes in the form of a soft gelcap. These gel capsules are usually easier to take. You simply take the capsule with a glass of water. Only one capsule a day is enough to give you an adequate dose of the active ingredients. 

ExtenZe is a bit different to your more conventional treatments. While ED drugs prescribed by a doctor usually focuses on giving you short-term benefits, ExtenZe works in the long-term instead. 

There are some men who may experience faster erections soon after they take the pill. For most, however, it will take a while to see real results. This is because the natural ingredients found in ExtenZe need to work their way throughout your body. These ingredients have a gradual effect. Slowly, your blood circulation improves, and your mood is elevated. 

The manufacturer behind ExtenZe provides a disclosure of the ingredients used in its formula. The supplement's formula was also updated recently. No specific details have been provided, but this could be in relation to public warning submitted by the FDA. 

Benefits Of ExtenZe

ExtenZe is not a pharmaceutical drug, but rather a dietary pill. The manufacturer primarily focuses on the use of natural ingredients to help you get better erections. In this section, we're going to take a closer look at the benefits that you may get when you decide to use ExtenZe. 

No Prescription Needed

One of the first benefits that you may note about ExtenZe is the fact that it's a herbal supplement. This also means there is no need for a prescription to buy it. 

For most men, having access to a male enhancement supplement without a prescription is considered beneficial. It means no awkward conversations with your doctor. It also means no need to pay extra for a consultation and script from a physician. 

With ExtenZe, you simply decide which option you want to buy. Once you have entered your details and paid, the package is sent directly to your shipping address. 

Locally Produced

To maintain the quality of the supplement, the manufacturer of ExtenZe has decided to manufacture the product locally in the United States. Since the headquarters are located in the US, it gives the company more control over the production process. 

The fact that ExtenZe is locally produced also means it's easier for people in the US to gain access to the supplement. An inventory of stock is held locally in the United States, which means it can be shipped out to you immediately.

Flexible Shipping Options

One of the most irritating facts about some male enhancement supplements relates to the availability. Many of these supplements are only available in the country they are manufactured. If the supplement is made in the US, then you need to have a US shipping address to buy the product. 

This is not the case with the ExtenZe male enhancement supplement. The company offers flexible shipping options, allowing you to buy the supplement even if you're not from the US. 

Natural Ingredients

While some men prefer to use a conventional treatment, like Viagra, for their ED, others rather want to steer clear of pharmaceuticals. This has led to a surge in the herbal supplement market. 

ExtenZe male enhancement is a supplement that is made from herbal extracts. The website that represents the supplement gives you a full view of the ingredients used. This helps to provide more transparency. 

Drawbacks Of ExtenZe

I prefer to be unbiased when it comes to reviewing any type of supplement. Thus, in this ExtenZe review, I want to look at the negative side of the supplement too. I have found a couple of factors that should be considered when looking at ExtenZe. Make sure you note these before deciding whether or not to opt for this male enhancement supplement. 

Only Available Online

The fact that ExtenZe is sold online can be considered both a pro and a con. It gives you that extra sense of privacy – as you have no need to visit a doctor or buy the product at a local store. 

When looking at an ExtenZe review, however, some men consider this a disadvantage. 

Ordering ExtenZe online means the supplement needs to be shipped to you. If you live in the United States, shipping should not take more than about seven to 10 days. This, however, is still an unpleasant period to wait before you can give the supplement a try. 

Shipping time is even lengthier for international orders. 

Possibility Of Unlisted Ingredients

Reports have previously surfaced regarding unlisted ingredients found in ExtenZe. After investigation, it was found that ExtenZe contains Sildenafil. This is an ingredient used in the pharmaceutical drug known as Viagra. 

Changes have been made to the ExtenZe formula following the announcement. This means the ingredient could have been removed, but it is important to still note the possibility. When you take Sildenafil without medical advise or supervision, it may interfere with drugs that you are already prescribed. 

Varying Results

When opting for a service like HUGE, you know that the ingredients used in the drugs you get have been thoroughly researched. When looking at a HUGE review, you'll notice that Sildenafil or Tadalafil are used in the pills prescribed. These drugs have been approved by the FDA and seems to work for most people – considering a doctor prescribes the drug. 

With a natural product like ExtenZe, results can vary quite significantly. For some men, an ExtenZe review will be positive. They take the supplement and soon find that their erections are better than how it used to be. 

Other men, however, would rather have a negative experience. Perhaps they have no results at all. There are also the occasional side-effects that have been associated with some of the ingredients. 


Men often think that switching to a natural alternative to Viagra means there is no need to worry about side-effects. The pills contain natural ingredients – so it should be 100% safe to use… right? Nope… that's inaccurate. 

Just because a supplement is made from natural ingredients doesn't mean it has no chance of causing side-effects. Some of the ingredients found in ExtenZe have been associated with side-effects. The side-effects do not happen in every person who takes it. Still, know what side-effects can happen – and make sure you look out for some of the more serious adverse events. 

ExtenZe Ingredients

The efficacy of natural supplements tend to differ from one man to the next. A lot of men have used some type of natural remedy for male enhancement. 

If you've used one before, then you are here because you probably didn't feel completely satisfied with the results. 

Knowing the ingredients of a supplement before you use it is important for a number of reasons. First, you can compare these ingredients to a product that didn't work for you in the past. This helps you see if the new supplement contains the same ingredients. In such a case, it might be wise to look at alternatives. 

You can also use the list of ingredients as a way to determine what the potential side-effects may be. There are research reports and publications that can help you determine the adverse effects associated with ingredients. 

In this ExtenZe review, I aim to be as detailed as possible. With this in mind, we'll take a closer look at the main ingredients used in the supplement. 


Zinc is a mineral that plays multiple roles in your body. It is a strong supporter of your immune system. Without enough zinc in your body, you may find that you get infections more frequently. 

One study found that zinc has a strong relation to testosterone. This hormone is not directly related to your erections. It still, however, plays a role. 

Testosterone is a sex hormone in the male body. It helps with the production of sperm. The hormone also regulates your libido. Thus, if you have a bit of a low testosterone level, zinc may help to balance things out. This could help boost your libido. As I explained on the ED overview page, a low libido can affect erectile function. 


DHEA, also known as dehydroepiandrosterone, is a natural element that is also considered a prohormone chemical. This is another ingredient in ExtenZe that might help with testosterone production. 

Studies often look at how DHEA could be used in the treatment of testosterone problems. In men with low testosterone, the use of DHEA may help stimulate hormone production. 

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is a potent natural ingredient. In fact, it is sometimes considered a Viagra alternative with a lot of potential. This is an extract from a tree. To be more specific, the African evergreen tree. 

Yohimbe actually has quite a few benefits. In one scientific paper, researchers explain that the active compounds in yohimbe extract blocks certain receptors in your body. These chemicals are called alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. The activation of these receptors can inhibit erectile function. By blocking the receptors, there's a chance of improving erections.  

Maca Extract

The Maca plant is quite unique, particularly because it can only grow in certain parts of the world. It's not exactly an alternative to Viagra. Instead, Maca works on the mind. 

Many people use Maca due to its aphrodisiac properties. Using this extract could help to stimulate your sexual desire. This leads to a boosted libido. In turn, you may feel in the mood to “get it on”. 

One study explains that by stimulating sexual desire, some men experience improvements in ED symptoms too. 


L-Arginine is an amino acid. It's one of protein's building blocks. It also plays a role in blood flow – but not in this form. It's an amino acid naturally found in the body. 

Once you ingest L-arginine, it goes through a conversion process. The amino acid ends up in the form of a gas – known as nitric oxide. This gas flows through your blood. It makes the walls of your blood vessels relax more effectively. 

Relaxed blood vessels equals better blood flow. This means more blood flows to your pelvis and, in turn, you may have less of a difficult time getting hard. A study in the Journal of Sex Medication shows that Arginine supplementation may be an effective therapeutic agent for men with ED. 


This is an extract from a specific flower. You'll find that Chinese traditional medicines often mentions Astragalus as an active ingredient. This is because the extract has an impressive number of benefits associated with it. 

For men with ED, the heart-related benefits might be of interest. One study explains that chemicals found in Astragalus could widen blood vessels. This makes more space for blood to flow through the body – including to areas like the penis. 

In another study, researchers found that Astragalus is effective against chronic fatigue syndrome. While holding no direct relation to ED, when you feel fatigued, you may not really be in the mood. By alleviating fatigue, you could feel better about yourself – and your time in the bedroom. 

Other Ingredients

The ingredients mentioned above in my ExtenZe review does not offer a complete overview. I've decided to include some of the most heavily researched ingredients. 

ExtenZe also contains a few additional ingredients. While these may not hold as much research behind them, it does not mean they have no potential. 

Additional ingredients to be noted here include:

  • Pregnenolone
  • Folic Acid
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract
  • Cnidium Seed Extract
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract
  • Boron
  • Hops Flower Extract
  • Fo-ti Root Extract
  • Muira Puama Bark Extract
  • Epimedium

The supplement also contains black pepper extract. This extract has been shown to help with the absorption of herbal compounds. With the addition of black pepper, your body may find it easier to absorb the other ingredients found in ExtenZe. 

How & Where To Buy

Now that you have a better idea of the supplement, thanks to the information in my ExtenZe review, you might be interested in giving the product a try.

The next question is where to buy ExtenZe.

Take note that the ExtenZe male enhancement supplement is not available at your local store. The supplement is exclusively available on the official ExtenZe website. Don't worry – it's really easy to place an order. 

Get started by visiting the ExtenZe website – click here to visit

Once you're on the official website, consider the various options that are available. ExtenZe has a few different supplements to choose from. There are also multiple packages available. This ensures you can get a product that fits your needs and, of course, your budget. 

Fill out your details and double check the shipping address you enter. You do not want the order to get shipped to the wrong address 🙂

Finally, complete the process by paying for your order. After payment, your order is processed and your ExtenZe supplement is sent to you.