I just couldn't get it up...

The first time I experienced erectile dysfunction – it was a shocker.

This is an old man's disease.. right? WRONG! Millions of young adult men have ED – believe me, I've felt its havocking effects myself. 

It only gets worse… and when my doctor said “I'll prescribe you a dose of Viagra… let's see how it work…” – reality suddenly hit me. Was this really happening?  

Hi, my name is Eddie, and this site is all about helping men who, just like I had, experience problems getting it up. I'll tell you all about my journey – man, I've even compiled a complete guide on how I was able to beat ED (Be sure to check it out!)

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About Me

Hi! The name's Eddie… 

First, thanks for vising my site. SurvivingED, as you might have noticed already, is all about ED.. or erectile dysfunction. 

I've experienced it and was able to overcome ED without exposing my body to the harsh effects of Viagra and other drugs. I believe that every man should realize there are ways to get hard again and gain back their “potency” in the bedroom. 

SurvivingED is dedicated to helping you find the solutions to improve your performance, and help you beat existing symptoms. Whether you're 30 or 55, I'll be sharing info that every man with some potency problems 

erectile dysfunction symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is different for every man. How this problem affects me likely differs from how it affects you. 

At a very broad level, erectile dysfunction is when you can't get an erection. Some men with ED can get an erection – but it may not be hard, or maybe it doesn't last long.

It is not only these direct physical symptoms that had me worried when I first developed ED. When erections are weak, you can't satisfy your partner. This affects you on a mental and physical level. Plus, ED has complications – some of which can interfere with your love life and personal life. 

I'm Eddie and I'm here to tell you: “You're not alone!”. I've experienced that dreaded moment when a hard-on seems nearly impossible too. It's tough, but you can get over it. SurvivingED is dedicated to helping you overcome your sexual problems. 

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